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Compost Certification Scheme
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Based at Codlaw Hill the composting site aims to provide quality products to its customers. Our compost otherwise know as Hadrian Soil Conditioner is PAS 100 Certified which ensures it is of a high standard and can be used without risk to human health or the environment. Compost produced at Codlaw can be used for a variety of purposes. 
Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioning
Garden Mulch 
Hadrian Soil Conditoner logo
Garden Mulch
Top Dress for Lawns  

You can purchase the compost in dumpy bags or loose (anything from 1 tonne to artic lorry loads). For larger quantities, agriculture and delivery rates please contact the office using our contact us page and we will happily assist you with a competitively priced quote. We recommend using what3words in order to find the site as it does not have its own postcode. wimp.encloses.uses

Flower Bed
Flower/Vegetable beds 
Pak Choi & Spring onions.jpg
Pak Choi & Spring onions.jpg
“All our beds are 'no dig', all have pas100 Compost on them. From our point of view Pas100 improves soil fertility, minimises weeds as it also acts as a mulch, and it saves time- meaning we get things planted quicker”

Bob Paton - Hexhamshire Organics

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