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DJ & SJ Enderby is our Contracting business, we provide a vast range of services listed below:

  • ​Silage / Whole crop 

  • Ploughing 

  • Cultivation's

  • Drilling

  • Fertiliser Application 

  • Application of Organic waste (Including spreading of farm yard manure) 

  • Umbilical work using a variety of injectors and dribble bars

  • Tanker work 

  • Arranging the emptying and disposal of waste from Septic Tanks 

  • Digger & Excavation Work 

  • Dump Trailer work 

  • Trailer Hire 

  • Environmental Work 

  • General Grassland Maintenance 

  • Spraying


DJ & SJ Enderby pride themselves on delivering a professional service to the highest standard. We relish new challenges so please do not  hesitate to contact us if you feel we could be of assistance ​at all; we are always happy to help where we can. As a group of businesses we recycle a significant volume of organic materials back to land for agronomic benefit. We urge anyone who may be interested in these activities to contact our office directly. 

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